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System requirements: Windows Vista and XP, Windows 7, 8, 10, 11. (32 and 64 bits)
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Mailwasher Pro overview

Mail spam has already become a worldwide problem and spam will multiply in the years to come. According to a „Jupiter Research“ study, over 70% of all emails can already be assigned to spam or unwanted email traffic.

With Firetrust Mailwasher Pro 2022/2023, you regain control of your mail accounts and filter out any type of spam mail before it is loaded onto your computer. Purchasing Mailwasher Pro also entitles you to use our anti-spam product on Android devices.

Mailwasher Pro deletes spam, viruses and other unwanted e-mails directly on the server. Regain control of your email! Mailwasher Pro cleans your inbox, protects against viruses, saves you a lot of time and increases your productivity. Mailwasher Pro works with POP3, IMAP, AOL and Hotmail or Microsoft email accounts.

Mailwasher Pro Main View

Picture above: You can see the Mailwasher Pro user interface. You see the menu bar, main functions, the inbox and the email preview window. Emails are evaluated by Mailwasher Pro’s antispam technology. In addition, e-mails can be categorized by a friend/foe list that the user creates himself. Right-clicking on an e-mail opens a menu that can be used, for example, to create friend/enemy lists. However, this is only one of many options for categorizing individual senders in a targeted manner. You can also block entire domains at once, or even import domain lists to be blocked.

No more spam in your inbox

You are just a few steps away from discovering the most compelling and effective anti-spam software out there. Forget all other ways of stopping spam. We’ll show you the safest way to deal with spam and only receive the emails you really want! Mailwasher Pro 2022/2023 not only lets you preview and ~ then delete your emails, it also gives you access to the FirstAlert!™ spam database. As a member of the FirstAlert!™ community, you can not only reduce spam in your mailbox, but also that of all FirstAlert!™ members. Mailwasher Pro 2022/2023 learns and adapts to your personal needs by teaching MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 which emails you want and which you don’t. The intelligent filters (Bayesian) provide a robust and effective basis to solve your spam problem.

Join over 8,000,000 other users who already have Mailwasher Pro installed. Try the easiest way to get rid of spam. Save time by only downloading the emails you really want!

Mailwasher Pro is intuitive to use

Apart from MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 being the most effective software to fight spam, you will also find that it is one of the easiest anti-spam tools to use. We believe that if we can’t understand a piece of software in 5 minutes, then it might be difficult to use in the future. Why should you learn tons of new procedures and icons? They want software that requires minimal understanding, is easy to use, and still looks attractive.

Check your email before it reaches your computer. Easy install. A wizard will help you set up your email accounts in just a few seconds. MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 uses FirstAlert!™, a spam database to which a global network of users constantly reports spam. Users interact with the database in real-time and any email that matches the corresponding „fingerprint“ in the database is eliminated. Delete unwanted emails before downloading them. A great way to stop viruses and large attachments.

MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 analyzes every email as it arrives and warns if it is suspicious spam using so-called fuzzy logic and filters.

Functional excerpt

friend/enemy lists
Add your friends‘ email addresses to the Mailwasher® friends list and make sure these emails are always recognized.

Custom filters
MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 filters effectively and automatically. Custom spam lists, filters and/or regular expression filters are used to filter out potential spam addresses and their messages. Learning filters learn which e-mails they want and which they don’t from the wanted and unwanted e-mails, thus providing a robust and efficient basis for solving your spam problem.

Heuristic Scanning
Heuristic scanning allows you to control the action to be taken on each spam category. MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 Heuristic scanning feature is adjusted and improved with each new version.

Block known spam emails
MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 allows you to check the origin of an email against DNS spam databases.

Instant reply
You can open a new email directly from MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 and reply immediately.

Recover deleted emails
Now you can easily restore already deleted emails. Bounce back unwanted emails, making it appear as if your email address doesn’t exist.

Unlimited email accounts
You can check as many email accounts as you like. POP3, Hotmail & MSN, AOL and IMAP are supported. Simultaneous retrieval, checking, and reading is possible. Fast download of the header data through simultaneous checking. We were able to load up to 25 emails per second.

Clear GUI
No flashing switches and superfluous frippery. You won’t feel like you have to learn a whole new program. Basically, it makes an extremely familiar impression and is reminiscent of Outlook Express. It’s easy as pie. Check, delete, bounce or report and process emails. Ready. Comprehensive help and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Includes instructions and animated instructions. Works with your email program whether you use Outlook, Eudora, Netscape, The Bat or anything else. Runs on different systems. Compatible with Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP and Vista, of course also with Windows 7 and 8 Home and Pro versions. Email support and updates to keep you up to date.

Firetrust promises „Many sites promise you fast and good support. Unfortunately, that promise often doesn’t live up to much. Why do we offer the best customer service? Because our employees are dedicated 24/7 to bringing you the best of MailWasher Pro 2022/2023. Under normal circumstances, we reply to all emails from our registered users within 24 hours, every day of the week, including holidays!“

Picture above: You see the main menu for making settings in Mailwasher Pro. Here the selection of the external anti-spam list server and how spam mails should be dealt with. Mailwasher Pro can just flag the email so you can quickly see which emails to delete. Mailwasher Pro can also do this for you completely automatically.
Picture above: Mailwasher Pro offers a quarantine function. E-mails that you have accidentally deleted can be retrieved via this recycle bin. In addition, Mailwasher Pro can create a summary (statistics) for you on a weekly basis and send it to any mail account.

How does MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 work?

Mailwasher Pro 2022/2023 works directly with your email server, just like your email client. There is only one important difference. You can tell Mailwasher Pro 2022/2023 to delete an email directly on the server without having to download it first. Or bounce an email so it looks like your email address doesn’t exist. MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 fetches the information about all emails on the server. With this information, you can then decide individually what to do with which e-mail – download, delete or bounce. If you check your accounts with MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 first, you can delete or bounce the emails you don’t want. Then, when you use your e-mail program, it only downloads the leftover e-mails that you really want to read. MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 can be considered as the first line of defense that will help you eliminate spam, large unnecessary attachments and potentially dangerous viruses.

How to use Mailwasher Pro 2022/2023

Here’s everything you need to get started with MailWasher Pro2022/2023. Start the installation after downloading the software. When you start MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 for the first time after installation, you will be asked for your email account information, which you can easily enter. To check your e-mails, do not start your e-mail program. Instead, open MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 by double-clicking the icon on your desktop, or go to „Start Menu“ / „Programs“ / „MailWasher Pro“. MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 will be launched and a click on the „Check emails“ button will tell you which emails are waiting for you on the email server. In the selection boxes, choose whether you want to delete or bounce a message (if nothing is selected, the message will be downloaded from your email program as normal), and then click on „Process email“. The emails you selected will now be deleted or bounced. Your e-mail program will open and you can download the remaining e-mails normally, as you always do.

Fact check

~ Spam will not decrease in the medium term as it is a profitable business. MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 protects you from annoying spam mails!
~ Pornographic spam is the fastest growing. MailWasher Pro 2022/2023, in conjunction with FirstAlert! also porn spam!
~ 95% of all viruses are transmitted through email. MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 is not an antivirus program. However, viruses are found in spam emails and are therefore detected.
~ Majority of all spam emails are fraudulent MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 provides protection against cybercriminals.
~ Spam is a huge resource and time waster. MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 saves you a lot of time because it can automatically detect and delete most of the spam emails.
~ Today, the average user receives around 4000 spam emails a year. Going through these emails (at ONLY 10 seconds per email) takes over 11 hours of your time.

Antispam extensions

First Alert! is a spam mail detection service operated by Firetrust. All users of the Mailwasher Pro 2022/2023 solution have the opportunity to participate in the service by forwarding spam emails to First Alert! hand off. The First Alert! Service has been active for many years and is therefore very effective in its detection. First Alert! can optionally be operated in Mailwasher Pro 2022/2023. This further improves the detection rate of spam mails. Download MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 (German) now here and get a fully functional 30-day trial version.

MailWasher Pro 2022/2023 can ideally be operated from a single workstation to networks with around 20-25 users. For larger purchase quantities, simply send us an e-mail. If your customer or company has its own mail server, you might want to try our Mailwasher Enterprise Server.

The free Mailwasher Backup tool, which backs up all settings, filters, blacklists, etc., is new. Mailwasher Backup also has a restore function, e.g. after a new installation or changing the operating system, the Mailwasher settings can easily be restored.

Mailwasher Pro can be used without restriction for 30 days. After the 30 days have expired, the trial period ends. If you have decided to continue using Mailwasher, you can purchase a license. Support and product upgrades are included in the annual license.

License = Electronic Software Delivery, the serial number or license to use the software will be made available to you by email.
Confirmation of your order. With this confirmation we send the payment agreement. After receipt of payment you will receive the serial number to activate the software.

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