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Windows 11 MS Security Center Malware Protection empty – workaround (fix)

Microsoft moving MS Defender to paid cloud modell

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Issue: Windows 11 MS Security Center window is empty or does not show any information

After I upgraded Windows 10 to Windows 11 I found out, that Windows Security Center (MS Windows 11 Security Center Malware Protection empty) is not working any longer. There are several solutions to this issue on the internet. None of them fixed my issue. Windows Security shows no information in the corresponding window.

Windows 11 MS Security Center windows is empty or does not show any information
Windows Security shows an empty window

Especially one solution was that after trying to fix via admin console with DISM, sfc /scannow and even repairing the security center to reinstall Windows 11. But running through this process I was only offered to install with losing all data and documents. That obviously is not a solution to follow up on.

But I also found out that MS Malware Protection is running in the background anyway. It seems, that it is either an error in system security or MS simply moving away from client protection over to paid cloud protection not willing to let you continue using the client based MS Defender with Malware protection.

Nevertheless I put together a script that lets you check if MS Malware Protection is running. It also lets you check if it is really protecting you from virus threads by simply letting you download the EICAR test file from Eicar organisation.

MS Malware Protection Checker Console

Updated per 28th February 2023 to Version 2.0
Many Windows Tools and more Security Functions are now included

Download of MS Management Protection Console (MSMPC) ger/eng/int here:

In addition to this check for mpcmdrun.exe in google or this extensive guide here. This is the command line scanner that can help you get along just fine. I might include commands in MSMPC itself later on. So check back on updates. Have fun!

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Windows 11 MS Security Center windows is empty or does not show any information